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Club of Art Duesseldorf New York features Anna Vogel at gallery conrads in Duesseldorf Flingern – talk with Karin Schedler.

Walter Conrads and Helga Weckop-Conrads founded CONRADS in Duesseldorf in 1992.
From it´s inception, the gallery´s exhibition program presents both, new and mid-career artistic positions, creating a dialog between different generations of artists of different cultural backgrounds and working with all media. Though the form and focus of these artists´ work varies significantly, their practices overlap in a number of key areas: an engagement with general and fundamental themes that culture has historically dealt with, an interest in aesthetics and a willingness to engage with the poetic as well as the critical and the political.

Cooperation with other institutions is an essential part of the gallery´s conception. Conrads publish monographs on artists of the gallery and participate in international artfairs since 1992.

Anna Vogel
In her second solo exhibition at CONRADS Anna Vogel presents a set of new works – again photobased but with new material and themes. More information and images at:

Anna Vogel Conrads Gallery Duesseldorf Flingern

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