Peter Maffay und Klavierduo Ekaterina und Alexander Kolodochka – Heine-Kreis und Auszeichnung für Zivilcourage

(flow of refugees to Germany – Flüchtlinge Düsseldorf ) Im Rahmen der Festlichkeit zur Verleihung der Auszeichnung für Zivil-Courage an Peter Maffay (Freundeskreis Heinrich Heine) sprachen Dr. Strahl, Oberbuergermeister Thomas Geisel, Thomas Jarzombek und Armin Laschet. (Musikalische Begleitung: Klavier Duo Kolodochka) Im thematischen Fokus der Ansprachen stand die Flüchtlingsproblematik.

German chancellor calls emergency summit with government leaders amid claims her coalition is so divided that it is incapable of tackling crisis

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Angela Merkel is under mounting pressure to stem the arrival of refugees into Germany before an emergency summit of government leaders on how to deal with the crisis.

The German chancellor has called the crisis talks over the weekend amid widespread accusations her grand coalition is so riven over the issue that its ability to act is being severely affected.
Greek PM says Europe is crying ´crocodile tears´ as migrants drown

Auszeichnung Zivilcourage | Dr. Strahl | Thomas Geisel A. Laschet

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Freundeskreis Heinrich Heine Thomas Jarzombek & Dr. Strahl